Joyous Giveaway Winner!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  My wonderful friend Daisy heartily evacuated herself from New Orleans and came to our house for the holiday.  We had a fabulous time - munching, shopping, watching movies (Something Borrowed and Win Win).  We even went to the Delta Fair.  I didn't ride any rides, but we totally checked out the "freak show," and while I am no longer a freak show virgin, I kind of wish I was. Gross and creepy.

Yep - there I am in all my baby belly glory.  I am definitely bigger in the tummy and the face than when I was preggers with C, but I weigh about the same (thank goodness).  People are already starting to ask if I'm having two.  Here's my tummy with C at 20-21 weeks. 

Wow - big difference.

Pretty sure mean preggo lady is just waiting to come out and put them in their place, but so far, I have behaved myself. :)

On to the winner!  Thanks to everyone who entered!  Hopefully, you'll consider Emily's great Etsy stores, whatjoyisfound.etsy.com and babiesjoy.etsy.com, for future gifts and home decor! 

To sweeten the pot, Emily is kindly offering 15% off for the next month (until October 10, 2011).  Christmas is really right around the corner, so maybe you could start stocking up for holiday gifts?

The code is AFS15OFF.

Alright, alright - I'll get to the real reason you are reading...to find out if you won!  Using random.org, comment number 15 was the winner.  By my count, that is Michelle of "Michelle's Musings."  Yay Michelle!  Email me at curtsies (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can set you up with the code for your $20 gift certificate.  So glad you entered!

As for the rest of you, don't forget to use that great coupon code! 

shop 'til you drop,
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michelle said...

Yaa, thanks! I will email you!

Victoria said...

I think you look great! Do twins run in your family, by chance?

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