Update on the AFS household

Vivienne is 5 weeks old, and the AFS household is adjusting to having an additional member of the family!  I won't lie - we are tired, our house is dirty, and I face going back to work in one month.  I really have no idea how that is going to happen.  The first 6 weeks were the toughest with C, and that is proving to be true with V also.  I guess it is probably tough on her, too...she went from this wonderful, warm cacoon where she ate all the time and no one made her take a bath, poked her (C's favorite thing to do), or go through multiple changes of clothing a day.  I'd probably cry too.

One very positive thing is that I have lost all of my baby weight, and am fitting back into some of my nonmaternity clothes.  Yippee!  This isn't a great picture, but here is my post-baby belly (2-3 weeks out).  It is even flatter now, but still not back to how it was BTBOBB (before the birth of both babies):

A lot of people have asked me how V and C compare in looks.  One day, during the MANY nursing sessions with V (she has got to be going through a growth spurt or something), I made these comparison collages in Picasa.  Generally, I think they favor one another, but C has my fingers, dimples and eyes, and V has my eyes, eyebrows, and chins (yes, I said chins).  Everything else belongs to their daddy. That's cool with me - I chose his looks, not mine. :)

Hope you are all doing okay, too!  I keep rereading my early posts about when C was this age.  Knowing that we survived the first few months with her keeps me going, but, oh, how I want to enjoy this sweet age while actually getting sleep!

zzzzzzzzzzzs and more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs,
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Anastasia said...

Such beautiful girls! (All three!) And SUPER CONGRATS on losing all of your baby weight!

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